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Ranks in Merchant Navy- Latest

Ranks in merchant navy are explained in a detail manner. This is kind of informative article and will be mostly useful to the new people who wish to make a career in the merchant or commercial shipping. We will be covering three department of merchant navy and we will be mentioning some other important information as well like wages etc. The idea is to mention the standard ranks that are used all over the world. While, there might be some changes as per the flag or the company. But mostly it is more or less same.

Ranks in Merchant Navy

We will start with ranks in Engine Department

Chief Engineer
1st Engineer or 2nd Engineer
3rd Engineer
Electrical Engineer or ETO officer
4th Engineer or Junior Engineer
5th Engineer or Trainee Marine Engineer
Engine Cadet
Fitter or Repairmen
Pump Man or Motor Man or Oiler
Wiper or Painter

Nautical Department
Captain or Master
Chief Officer or 1st Officer
2nd Officer
3rd Officer
Deck Cadet
Bosun or Dayman
Able Seaman
Ordinary Seaman (OS)

Galley Department
Chief Cook
2nd Cook or Steward
Mess Man

On ship the ranks are under two groups. One is officer rank and other is Rating rank. Whenever a work is to be carried out in any of the department, an officer in charge is always made. They are accompanied by some ratings to help them carry out the work. For example during mooring stations, one officer on each station is accompanied by a several ratings. Same when there is a job in the engine room, required number of helping hands are given to the engine officer.

One the deck department, CHIEF Officer is responsible for carrying out any work and they are the person in charge. While in engine department, 1st engineer is the main boss for carrying out the work. Both the ranks allocate work in their respective department. Both of them also talk to each to coordinate the work.

The final authority on a ship is with a MASTER. But a master works closely with Chief engineer. One cannot work alone without help of each other.

merchant navy officer ranks

The merchant navy is a global industry that employs a wide range of skilled professionals to operate and maintain commercial ships. Here are the typical ranks or positions in the merchant navy, listed in hierarchical order from lower to higher:

  1. Deck Officers: These are the officers responsible for the navigation, safety, and security of the ship. The deck officers include the Third Officer (3O), Second Officer (2O), Chief Officer (CO), and Captain or Master.
  2. Engineering Officers: These are the officers responsible for the maintenance and operation of the ship’s machinery and equipment. The engineering officers include the Fourth Engineer (4E), Third Engineer (3E), Second Engineer (2E), Chief Engineer (CE), and Electro-Technical Officer (ETO).
  3. Other Officers: There are other officers on board, such as the Radio Officers, Medical Officers, and Environmental Officers.

The rank and position hierarchy on a ship may vary depending on the size and type of the vessel, as well as the company’s policies and practices. However, the basic structure and responsibilities of the crew remain the same across the merchant navy.

merchant navy insignia and merchant navy badges of rank

The merchant navy insignia serves as a visual identifier of the officer’s rank and the company’s brand. It helps to create a sense of pride and unity among the crew members, as well as a professional appearance.

ranks in merchant navy

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