Maersk to Start Crew Change Sea Jobs

MAERSK Forecasts Its Earning Close to $24bn This Year

Maersk which is world largest shipping company revised its forecast of EBITDA earnings from earlier $10bn to now $24bn. This revision comes amid strong demand of cargo over post covid times. The demand has led congestions at various ports all around the world, with shortage of shipping container all over. If we talk about the whole container shipping industry, it might pass $100bn mark this year.

It is to be noted that earlier Maersk had put around $3.5bn dollars for acquisitions but now same has been increased to around $14bn. Quarter 3 results of the company are expected to come out in the month of November. As per the company top brass, market looks pretty promising and they expect a growth of around 8% as compared to the previous years.

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