K-12 Maritime Education Programs
maritime education

K-12 Maritime Education Programs

The Maritime Administration (MARAD) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the competence and preparedness of mariners, both at sea and onshore, to bolster the quality of U.S. maritime activities. Key to this mission is the engagement of K-12 educational institutions, which serve as vital conduits for nurturing the next generation of maritime professionals. MARAD collaborates closely with schools, industry stakeholders, and governmental partners to cultivate interest in maritime education and facilitate connections between prospective students and relevant training establishments.

K-12 Maritime Education Programs

Maritime K-12 education programs typically encompass the following:

– Equipping students with maritime competencies that can directly lead to employment opportunities within the maritime sector or pave the way for advanced studies at maritime-focused colleges or vocational/technical schools.

– Offering courses instructed by certified Career and Technical Education (CTE) educators, covering both afloat and ashore career pathways, and a blend of subjects related to general seagoing operations, such as deck and engineering.

– Providing students with the prerequisites to earn essential credentials for securing positions within the maritime industry. These credentials include the Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) and the U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC), which hold substantial value for individuals contemplating entry into vocational or collegiate programs, including those offered by the six State Maritime Academies and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

List of K-12 educational institutions

Maritime High School (WA)
Ballard High School Maritime Academy (WA)
Port Townsend Maritime Academy (WA)
Maritime Academy Charter School (PA)
Maritime Academy Charter School (PA)
Western New York Maritime Charter School (NY)
The New York Harbor School (NY)
Maine Ocean School (ME)
The Maritime Academy of Toledo (OH)
Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School (OH)
New Era Academy (MD)
Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy (MD)
Eugene Ashley Marine Science Academy (NC)
MaST (Marine Science & Technologies High School) (NC)
Dr Kirk Lewis Career and Technical High School (TX)
Jack Yates High School (TX)
La Porte High School (TX)
Galena Park ISD (TX)
Pasadena ISD (TX)
Tybee Island Maritime Academy (GA)
New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy (LA)
Delaware Military Academy (DE)
Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School (MA)
Marine Academy of Science and Technology (NJ)
Rickover Naval Academy ( IL)
Paul Cuffee School, a Maritime Charter School (RI)
Palm Beach Maritime Academy (FL)
Palm Beach Maritime Academy (FL)
Inlet Grove Marine Technology Academy (FL)
Maritime Science and Technology High School (FL)
Maritime and Marine Environmental Science Leadership Academy at Jefferson HS (FL)
Marine Science Academy at Booker T. Washington HS (FL)
Admiral Farragut Academy (FL)
South Broward High School Maritime Magnet Program (FL)
Mayport Coastal Sciences Middle School (FL)
Lawndale HS Marine Science Academy (CA)
Port of Los Angeles High School (CA)
Mar Vista HS Poseidon Academy of Marine Science and Engineering (CA)
R. J. Frank Academy of Marine Science and Engineering (CA)
The Sound School (CT)
Bridgeport Regional Aquaculture Science and Technology Education Center (CT)
Marine Science Magnet High School (CT)

Other Maritime Training Opportunities

Included below are other opportunities for high school students to participate in maritime training programs and/or dual enrollment and dual credit programs at college-level maritime training institutions.

The Alaska Vocational Training Center (AVTEC) (AK)
Port of Long Beach Academy of Global Logistics at Cabrillo High School (CA)
Monroe County School District High Schools (FL)
North County High School (MD)
Ingalls Shipbuilder Academy at Haley Reeves Barbour Maritime Training Academy (MS)
Eastern Suffolk BOCES (NY)
Western Suffolk BOCES (NY)
Erie High School (PA)
Coventry High School, Regional Career and Technical Center (RI)
Westerly High School, Pathways Technology Early College HS (RI)
Multiple High Schools (VA)
NorthCoast Region District Schools (WI)

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