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USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group Again Deployed in South China Sea

This is second time in the year 2021 that USS Ronald Reagan and its strike group have been deployed here in south china. This region is quite tensed yet important part in the maritime world right now. Fleet of all the ships involved in the deployment came here on 24th September. Strike group will carry out their naval exercises along with ensuring maritime safety and free flow of the commerce in this area. Group includes the USS Ronald Reagan as well as the embarked Carrier Air Wing 5, and embarked staffs of Task Force 70 and Destroyer Squadron 15 and Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Shiloh.

On the other hand, China earlier has said that they will be putting new rules and regulations in this region which kind of sparked the attention of allied countries over this region. With China constantly trying to increase their influence over this part, it is becoming more important political region in the world.


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