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MSC CEO Says ‘Size Being Not their priority’ After company takes over Maersk as No 1

Past week has been quite record breaking one. Maersk Line (Largest Shipping Company) is no more the largest as its competitor MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) took over the No 1 slot. Recently MSC CEO said their target and priority was never being to be biggest, but rather Growth, profitability and supporting customers. With the current […]

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Maersk to Pay again 1000$ to each 11000 seafarers as exceptional recognition award

Last year around same time, shipping giant decided to give 1000$ to each of its seafarer as part of thanks to seafarers. It was an exceptional recognition for seafarers about their sacrifices and contribution in Covid times by keeping the trade moving. Again this year, Maersk has announced similar bonus for all of its seafarers. […]