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bp marine gp rating course fees-All details

bp marine gp rating course fees structure is given properly.
BP Marine Academy is a leading maritime training institute in India. The academy offers a range of courses in the field of maritime studies, including GP Rating, Deck Cadet, Engine Cadet, and other advanced courses. The courses are designed to prepare students for a career in the shipping industry and meet the standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS), India.

The academy has state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, including modern classrooms, well-equipped workshops, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, and simulators for navigation and engine room training. The academy also has tie-ups with leading shipping companies and provides placement assistance to its students.

The fees for the courses at BP Marine Academy can vary depending on the course, location, and duration. Interested students can check the academy’s website or contact their nearest BP Marine Academy office for more information on the courses offered and their fees.

bp marine gp rating course fees


Details Fees Structure
Admission Fees (BPMA) 30000
Tuition Fees 90000
5 Basic Safety Course of STCW’2010 7500
Library Fees including Book supplied 10000
Uniforms 8000
Hostel Charges 40000
Mess Charges 39500
Total 225000

Post Sea Training Courses At BP Marine Academy

Basic Modular Courses
  • Elementary First Aid(EFA)
  • Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting(FPFF)
  • Chemical Tanker Familiarization(CTFC)
  • Liquified Gas Tanker Familiarization(LPG)
  • Oil Tanker Familiarization(OTFC)
  • Personal Safety And Social Responsibilities(PSSR)
  • Personal Survival Techniques(PST)
  • Security Training For Sea-farers With Designated Security Duties(STSDSD)
  • Basic training for oil & chemical tanker cargo operations(Oil/Chem Combine)

Advanced Modular Courses
  • Advanced Fire Fighting(AFF)
  • Bridge Course For Sailing Electrical Officer To ETO(BRDG)
  • Medical First Aid(MFA)
  • PSC Rescue Boats(PSCRB)
  • Ship Master Medicare(SMM)
  • Ship Security Officers Course(SSO)
  • Specialized Training For Chemical Tanker(CHEMCO)
  • Specialized Training For Gas Tanker(GASCO)
  • Tanker Advanced Training Oil(TASCO)
  • Marine Boiler & Steam Engineering Course-Operational Level
    Every Monday (6 Days)
  • Marine Boiler & Steam Engineering Course-Management Level
    Every Alternate Monday (9 Days)
  • High voltage course management level (6 Days)
  • High Voltage course Operational level (1 Day)

Refresher + Upgradation Courses
  • AFF (RF) + FPFF(RF)
  • Medical First Aid Refresher(MFA ( RF))
  • Personal Survival Techniques Refresher As Per STCW 2010(PST(RF))
  • Proficiency In Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting Refresher As Per STCW 2010(FPFF(RF))
  • Ship Master Medicare Refresher(SMM ( RF))
  • Ship Security Officers Course Refresher As Per STCW 2010(SSO ( RF))
  • Upgradation Course For Deck Officers As Per STCW 2010(11 Days)(UPDE)
  • Upgradation Course For Deck Officers As Per STCW 2010(5 Days)(UPDE..)
  • Upgradation Course For Deck Officers As Per STCW 2010(8 Days)(UPDE.)
  • Upgradation Course For Eng Officers As Per STCW 2010 ( 6 Days)(UPEN)
  • Upgradation Course For Eng Officers As Per STCW 2010. (11 Days)(UPEN.)

Simulator Courses
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aids(ARPA)
  • Electronic Chart Display & Information System(ECDIS)
  • Chemical Cargo and Ballast Water Handling Simulator Course [Management Level] LCHS-CHEM
  • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator Course (OIL) [Management Level]

    LCHS Course

Value Added Courses
  • Bridge Resourse Management As Per IMO Model 1.22(BRM)
  • Bridge Team Management 3 Days(BTM)
  • Bridge Team Management 5 Days(BTM.)

Competency Courses
  • 2ND Mate Function Course(2MFG)
  • Advanced Ship Board Management(ASM)
  • Chief Mate Phase I & II(CHM)
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