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Best Calling and Messaging Apps for Seafarers- A Comprehensive Guide

Get to know about the famous Calling and Messaging Apps that will be useful for the seafarers when they are calling to their families and friends. We have chosen the best out there for our seafarers.
Internet has touched the shipping industry very well. And now, the means of communications are better as compared to what we had in previous decades, thanks to the internet. Today most of the companies are providing internet on ships, either paid or free. Here is the list of some of the companies that are providing you the internet services.

Best Calling Apps, calling and messaging apps
But then there are so many apps down there, and you might end up in having so many of them on your device. Plus you might not get that good internet on your ships as you get on land, so this is the factor that you need to take in account.

Best Calling and Messaging Apps for All Operating Systems

Let’s checks out the list.


Well this has to be in the list. This amongst trusted, ads free and fast messaging and calling app we have right now. The thing is, the technology behind the whatsapp is so good that it can’t be beaten by any other app in the market. The simple to use, yet the best out there.
Best Part: Uses data compression technology, which makes message to deliver fast and consume less data.
Recently whatsapp introduced the calling feature as well, which is also pretty decent.
The only issue we have with this app is that, it needs to be updated time to time, and if not, then it might stop working. So, better update is before you are going to sailing.


This is the master when it comes to the video calling. And none can beat it. The good quality audio and video, it offers at great ease. Now you have the option of adding phone number of your relatives, and you can directly call on their mobile phone. So, you don’t have to worry about them being online all the time. The only downside with this app is that it needs to have a good connection speed, which you might not get always, especially if your ships wi-fi is used by many users at the same time. You can even buy credits, so that you can unlimited call to your home and family members.


In My Opinion-I guess, that is what IMO means. Well if you don’t have that much good speed for video calling, but still wants to do video calling, then yes IMO is the answer. It works pretty good on the slow internet also. Yes you might not get quality as like Skype. But, it is good to have something, instead of nothing. App is available on every operating platform.


This app we found and also get your work done very good. In fact in the past years the number of users of this has grown tremendously. They also offers paid voice services and they are quite cheap as well.

Facebook Messenger

Those who want to keep an eye on the facebook activity, plus want to chat, share files, photos, etc, than nothing can be better than this.


This is also great app for calling and messaging. Just like Whatsapp, they also use your phone number for setting up account. Benefit is that you can use it for sending larger files, which is not possible in WhatsApp.

Other Apps

We Chat  Viber

 So this was all, hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you think, we missed out something, than, please leave your message below in the comments section. This was all from, best calling apps for all operating systems.
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  1. What's app calls are brilliant about 80% of the time! Uses hardly any data, better quality than the vsat and not limited to 20mins. Best calling app we've tried so far.

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