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IR test of induction motor

IR test of induction motor. An induction motor is a type of electric motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy by using the principle of electromagnetic induction. Induction motors are widely used in various applications such as industrial, domestic, and marine transportation. IR test of induction motor One of the important parameters that affect […]

U.S. imports showed signs Sea News

US Imports Rebound in March Despite Decrease in Cargo from China

In March, U.S. imports showed signs of recovery, increasing from February. However, the future remains uncertain. New data reveals that wholesale inventories are still high and cargo from China is decreasing. Descartes’ data shows that U.S. imports in March were 1,853,705 twenty-foot equivalent units. This is a 27.5% decrease from the previous year but a […]

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MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS ENROLLED IN MISMO. MISMO is a program that provides online training and certification for medical practitioners who want to improve their skills and knowledge in various fields of medicine. The program offers courses on topics such as emergency medicine, infectious diseases, mental health, and more. Medical practitioners who enroll in MISMO can access […]