Offshore Jobs Opportunities for Seafarers after Serving at Sea

Most of the mariners phase this acute
dilemma, that what to do, after their sea career. Yes the anxiousness can be
justified from the fact that, when you move out of the sea, certainly you are
little bit apart from the crowd. But there are certain life experiences that I
have seen, in which merchant people become better when they entered in other fields
after they served in sea.

Offshore Jobs Opportunities For Sailor’s

I don’t know how many people know this, but
when you work out there in sea there are lots of good things you get inherited
to and some of them are:
1)       To be able to work by you, thus reducing
dependency on others.
2)      Able to work
in some extreme conditions, rough whether etc.
3)      More
socially sound; yes a seafarer knows the value of social life.
4)      Sort of
leadership quality, if not, at least you are responsible for your work.
5)      And many
Now comes the main part i.e. job
A)     Hospitality Sector
Yes there
are ample amount of opportunities out there. I talked a person some time ago
and, he was working with leading hotel chain as fire safety officer (Seafarers
knows better how to handle them), and people give privilege to them. Engine
people can work any type of boilers, generators which are used here.
For Deck
people, management handling is the correct options and they are in great demand.
B)     Company
Shipping companies are not run by, people
from any other sector. It is the shipping people who run it. Those who are
employed in carrying out technical things at sea will find jobs as technical
consultant. On other hand, navigation people can look for management part like
running HR operations etc.
C)      Teaching as
a Career
To what from you started with is the best to
again start with. If you think you can give something (Experience) to the new
seafarers is really something very good. Today we are facing acute shortage of experienced
people to teach and due to this very base of our education is trembling.
D)     Being
Many maritime professional have turned
themselves in to their own boss. They are successful in opening new companies;
business etc. and they are quite successful in it. Because what they learnt at
sea, they implemented that in their business. Doing business does not mean that
you are related to your field only, there are other fields also. I have seen
many merchant people turned in to successful business man.
E)      Logistics
This is a very good opportunity and needs
experienced professionals to handle these operations. There are various job opportunities
out there and a good career is there in this field. Over the years, this
industry has grown to more sophisticated one, and thus it requires experienced
professional in to it. Since in coming times trade will increase, and also the
exchange of material from one place to other is going to change, we are seeing
a new way in this area.
So these were some of the jobs that seafarer
opt in after serving at sea.

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