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What is SIPART in ship automation system

What is SIPART in ship automation system? Sipart is a brand name of Siemens, a global leader in automation and digitalization solutions for various industries, including marine and offshore. Sipart products are designed to provide reliable and precise control of valves, actuators, pumps, and other devices that are essential for ship automation.

SIPART in ship automation system

One of the most popular Sipart products is the Sipart PS2 positioner, which is a digital electropneumatic positioner for linear and part-turn actuators. The Sipart PS2 positioner can be used for various applications, such as fuel injection, exhaust gas recirculation, ballast water treatment, cargo handling, and fire protection. The Sipart PS2 positioner offers several advantages, such as:

– Easy installation and commissioning with auto-tuning and self-adjustment functions
– High accuracy and stability with intelligent diagnostics and alarms
– Low air consumption and energy efficiency with partial stroke testing and leakage detection
– Flexible integration and communication with various protocols, such as HART, PROFIBUS PA, and Foundation Fieldbus
– Robust design and protection with IP66/NEMA 4X enclosure and explosion-proof certification

Please note that after installation of Sipart, it needs calibration for opening and closing point. Something like calibration points.

Another Sipart product that is widely used in ship automation is the Sipart DR21 controller, which is a universal process controller for single-loop or multi-loop control tasks. The Sipart DR21 controller can be used for various applications, such as boiler and burner automation, temperature control, pressure control, and level control. The Sipart DR21 controller offers several advantages, such as:

– Easy operation and configuration with user-friendly interface and menu-driven structure
– High performance and reliability with advanced control algorithms and self-tuning functions
– Flexible adaptation and expansion with modular design and various input/output options
– Seamless integration and communication with various protocols, such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, and Ethernet/IP
– Enhanced safety and security with password protection and data logging functions

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