Weekly Checks On Ship
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Saturday Routines or Weekly checks on Ship for Engineers

This article discusses about the Saturday routines or Weekly checks on ship that you need to carry out every week for crucial machineries like fire pumps etc. In this post we will see the comprehensive list of some of those crucial activities that we carry out onboard every week. Saturday routines (may be Friday checks also), are called as weekly […]

Shipping Industry

Types of Drills On board Merchant Vessels-Complete Details

Get to know about Drills On board Merchant Vessels like Abandon Ship, Fire Drills, Man Overboard Drill, Oil / Chemical Spills, Enclosed Space Entry, Flooding, Collision, Grounding Drills, Blackout Training, Emergency Steering Drill. A Drill is an exercise performed on board (or during training ashore) which may be supervised by a competent authority or personnel. Mostly Such exercises are specialized […]