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MEO Class 4B Oral Questions For Ship Construction and Stability

In this
post I have given the list of the questions that were asked in oral examinations
of 4B
. In this post I have picked some of the famous questions that were asked
in the Ship construction and stability oral exams. Answer to these will be published
shortly. If you have any suggestions, please drop a reply below. 

Oral question bank for class IV examinations

FUNCTION: Ship construction and stability
    1. What do you understand by the term Deep tank construction and
draw the diagrams for the same

      2. Explain
the terms Garboard strake,
sheer strake
 and what role
they have in ship stability?
      3. State
Stability and buoyancy terms and explain the meaning of these in reference to
the stability of ship.
      4. Why
Collision bulkhead is made.
      5. What do
you know about Camber, margin plate, intercostals? What purpose these things
      6. What is
Free surface effect? Why it becomes really important in case of tankers ships.
How do we minimize the same.
      7. Static
and dynamic stability?
      8. LOLL,
GZ,righting lever
      9. Explain
Pounding effect on rudder
      10. What
are Skates?
      11. Types
of floor that are available on a normal vessel?
      12. How
ship turns? Rudder function? Explain different types of rudder used on ship and
also explain how you will measure the rudder drop.
      13. Why is
rudder angle not more than 36 deg
      14. How
does the ship move? How Propeller functions? Explain different types of propeller
and explain how you will find the pitch of the propeller.
      15. Why is
the thrust bearing fitted aft?
      16. What
action will you take if there is a thrust bearing high tr alarm?
      17. What
is a “Torsion Box” in a container ship?
      18. What
Protection/safeties on a generator
      19. What
is metacentric height
? What is its importance?
      20. What
is dynamic stability? What is its importance?
      21. What
is a chain stopper? Where it ie located and maintenances required on
      22. What
is a dead man brake?
      23. How
many brakes are there on a life boat winch?
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