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MEO Class 4 Exam, Eligibility, Booking, Results and Syllabus

MEO, which stands for Marine Engineer Officer, are competent to work as officers on board ship. MEO Class 4 is the exam that a candidate or mostly cadets have to pass through to become 4th Marine Engineer Officer. This is the first officer rank in the engine department. The job profile of being an 4th Engineer onboard can be read in this article Life of 4th Engineer On Board

Eligibility for MEO Class 4

Candidates, who wish to undertake this exam, should first meet the eligibility criteria as given below: Should have sailed for period of not less than 6 months, having engines more or equal to the power 750 KW. Should be above 18 years of age.
There is a concept of propelling times also, which means that actually how many days, engine has run. This can be roughly 70-80% of your total sailing period. At the time of sign off candidates should have sea service letter from the ship, stating the days you have sailed with propelling days also. Certificate should be taken with signature from master and chief signature. Better is to take sailing certificate from each master and Chief Engineer you sailed with. Proper stamp of your ship on your CDC, stating date of joining and date of sign off on it. A rank of ‘Trainee Marine Engineer’, preferable to be written on CDC. Tar Book is to be completely filled and signed by the designated people.
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Modular Courses for MEO Class 4B Exam

After sailing you have to do some more modular courses and they are given below:

1)    Proficiency in Survival craft and Boat

2)    Advance Fire Fighting

3)    Medical First Aid

4)    Engine Simulator Course at Operational Level.

There are ample amount of colleges those who offer these courses, and the fee structure depends individually on each maritime college.

How to Apply for MEO Class 4B Exam

Exams are conducted all over the India in different MMD like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Vizag, Delhi etc. Each MMD has a schedule of submitting file in the first or second week of month. The information of file submission can be confirmed at MMD, in which you wish to give exam.

Documents Required For Applying

Copy of below documents:
1)   10th and 12th
class mark sheet and passing certificate
2)    Your Degree of passing pre sea course.
3)    All Modular Courses Certificate
4)    Sea Service Letter
5)    Photographs
6)    EXN-45- You get when you have part A exemption.
7)    Medical Certificate from a registered DG approved doctor, with validity of 6 or 12 month from date of applying for exam.
8)  CDC and Passport Copy. Voyage page photocopy in case of CDC.
9)  Update Seafarer profile from DG site.
10) Form 15
11) The assessment Fees paid online.
There might be some additional document also, but there are important ones. Generally you have to make a folder in which all these documents needs to be kept and deposited at the counter. And need to enter your name and other details in the register given at the counter, as confirmation of receiving the register.
Note: In some MMD you will get date of deficiency after 20-25 days of your file submission. On deficiency date you have to give the entire certificates that are lacking as stated on your file. Let read about meo class 4 exam booking.

MEO Class 4B Exam Booking

Generally the booking starts after 31st of every month. This is done by going through e-pariksha portal. There you have to book the slot and subjects you wish to appear for.

Exam Fee

In first booking, you have to spend, Rs 11000. This is as follows Rs 3000 for assessment Rs 1000 for each oral and written. There are 4 functions-including 6 written and 4 orals. In total Rs 8000.
Note: After cleaning all the written and Orals, you have to apply for certificate of competency which cost Rs 3000.

Functions in MEO class 4B

1)    Marine engineering at Operational levels
2)   Electronics and Control Engineering at Operational level
        Maintenance and Repair at operational level
4)   Controlling Operational of Ship and Care for Persons on-board at Operational level

Syllabus for MEO Class 4B

There is no predefined syllabus for this examination, but yes based on the studies that students have done, you can see syllabus that you studied in your pre sea. Mostly all the topics are those, which you must have, studied while you were doing your pre sea course. The only difference is that, now you have to study everything in relation to real scenario that happens on ship.

How to Prepare for MEO Class 4B

This is not an entrance exam, you are not competing with other, and rather you are competing with yourself. The whole preparation is about developing your concept about machineries and also remembering what you did, when you were onboard.
The more you are able to connect what you are studying, with what you saw on ship, will certainly help you a lot. There are ample amount of dates, laws that you need to keep an eye on. Better to make short notes of those, these will come handy when you are giving your written and oral exams.
Number of study hours depends on the candidate and also the time difference that you are getting between booking of exam and then giving them. Generally students gets 2 month in between exam and booking. You might want to go for coaching that are available in many places across India. The best thing about coaching would be to get all the study material at one place.
Group discussions are key to excel in this exam, plus patience also. Because you cannot learn and remember each and everything, considering the vast area that all these functions cover. Try to communicate with other guys also, and this will help you in getting new knowledge and also, clearing your doubt at the same time. Last but not the least, Luck. A little bit of luck always play an important role.

Types of Questions asked in MEO Class 4B Orals and Written

E Pariksha MCQ questions– This stands for all the multiple choice questions that are asked in the written exam. There are six written a candidate has to give, and there are as follows:
Marine Electrical
2)   Naval Architecture and Ship Construction
3)    Safety and Environment
4)   Marine Engineering Knowledge Motor
6)    Marine Engineering Practice
There are 50 questions asked in each subject, and duration of exam is 2 hours. Exams are conducted in separate dates.
Orals: Generally it is same like giving viva for your board exams. But the level of questions and the assessment totally depends on the surveyor. He will ask you questions and plus followed by cross questions.
So this was all from this article, if you think something is missing, please share the information with us, by comment below. If you like MEO Class 4 Eligibility, booking, Results and Syllabus, please share with other also.
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    1. First you should go through your ship main manual, and then you can refer to Reeds, and other good books like mcgeorge.

      You can also go for local notes, given by region coaching centers for class 4b.

    1. Go for, standard books like Pursey, Mcgeorge, Denis T Hall, Flanagen, Reeds and also the ship manuals.

      Preparation needs to be something in which you should go through properly and deeply.

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