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19 Iranian Sailors Killed in Friendly Missile Fire

In a tragic accident happened on Sunday, Iranian navy lost 19 sailors and many other injured during a naval exercise taking place in the Gulf Of Oman. During a navy exercise, a friendly missile fired by a warship stuck another war ship which was close to the target. This killed 19 sailors onboard and several others were injured. This incident happened on 10th May, in Gulf Of Oman. During the exercise, one ship shooting missiles at the target plotted by other navy ship named as ‘Konarak’. Accidently the missile fired by a frigate named as Jamaran hit the Konarak, instead of the target. It sunk the ship, leaving 19 sailors dead and many other injured.

As per the news, the target placed was very close to the parent ship, and thus the missile accidently hit the other ship. This is surely a serious error, which costed several lives and many other wounded.
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