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The Sea, A Sailor And Me: My Story

Imagine meeting the love of your life all from an Instagram post that by chance appeared on your suggested feed. It may seem unimaginable, but believe me it can happen as that is exactly what happened to me. My relationship all began thanks to cricket, in fact a Mumbai Indians match.

The photo which appeared of a family at the match I immediately liked. It wasn’t just the match photo that caught my eye but the family in it, all looking so happy with smiles which were unforgettable. Following that single like a follow request was sent and a conversation began. Not the most normal of starts, but then I wouldn’t expect anything less. Nothing about us is normal and that is what makes us “us”. We have our own normal, something that many do not understand and judge us for, but are at the same time envy of.

Our connection stemmed much deeper than just cricket however, a connection that only few would understand and few will ever know.

In England I have grown up by the sea all my life, and it is a part of me. You learn to respect it, understand it, understand what life means on the sea also, and appreciate its power and what it can do. You live and breathe it, and since a little girl it has been a constant in my life. Something that has always been there, something that I have turned to in times of need and comfort, and a love of mine. You could also say it was born in me, for my connection to the sea is in my DNA having been in my family for generations.

Credits: Carla

So was the Instagram post just chance or fate? I believe it was fate for this reason. Unknown to me at the time the post belonged to a man from Lucknow who was becoming a sailor. A man that also dreamt of the sea, understood it, loved and needed it and which was embedded deep in his heart. Just like it was for me. I guess it is not everyday a sailor meets a girl who knows what an Azipod is and various other shipping terms, let alone when she is an English girl. Likewise, I had never met anyone who had the same love as me, who understood me from the start and was the most amazing person I had ever met, changing my life as soon as he entered it. He accepted me for being me and I had never felt so safe and happy.

We would talk as often as we could. I would wake very early just to be able to join him for the trip to and from college in Bombay on the Local and Harbour Line, even making him miss his stop once for we were deep in conversation (which we still laugh about today!). He would wait for me to finish university lectures so we could talk before he slept. We made time for one another, and from that immediate connection, love flourished. A love that was strong and mutual, that didn’t care that we were from two different backgrounds, cultures, religions of Hindu and Christian, or even countries. None of that mattered to the point we have never even discussed it. The only things that have mattered is our love and family, being our strongest asset. Everything else is a part of our love, accepted and understood. We have become blended, becoming half of each other whilst adapting to and creating our new way of life which has forever kept changing.

Indian Sweets
Credits: Carla

Our life, 4 years on, is now a fusion of English and Indian ways, religions and customs. We observe our festivals and fasts together, from Christmas to Navratri and Kawa Chauth. We speak both English and Hindi (I am still learning!), we watch Bollywood films together and English football for our date nights, and I am still mastering Indian cuisine (not quite mastered a perfect round roti yet!), spending days before Diwali and Holi making his favorite sweets for him of ladoo and gujiya.

Most importantly it now also involves our love of the sea even more, since he got his first ship and is now on his third. There is now officially three of us in our relationship. We are now the Sea, a Sailor and a Sailor’s wife, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have taken on a role that I was born for.

About Author:
Carla has written this post and she hails from English Nation (England). Being sailor queen, she is interested in pursuing education related to seafarers well being. Originally this story was published here: The Sea, A Sailor and Me

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  1. What an interesting post and a story of amazing coincidence (or fate!) It can be hard being a sailor’s wife (or husband!) and many people do not understand the choice the couple has made. But if it works for them, then that’s the only thing that matters. We also wrote a post about how to cope when you’re half a couple who spend months apart – when you are at home and your partner is at sea. Perhaps your readers might also find this interesting: https://www.martide.com/en/blog/seafarers/how-to-cope-when-your-partner-is-working-away-from-home/

    Thanks again for the interesting read!

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