centrifugal pump
Shipping Industry

Centrifugal Pump and Overhauling Centrifugal Pump

 A centrifugal pump is used in large number on board ship and every marine engineer should know how to overhaul the centrifugal pump. Centrifugal pumps are mostly preferred because their outflow is large as compare to other pumps and their maintenance is less. But the pressure developed from this type of pump is not that much and reciprocating pumps come […]

Fresh Water Generator
Shipping Industry

How to Start and Stop Fresh Water Generator

Fresh water generator as name suggest is an machinery onboard which is used to generate fresh water for various purposes like drinking, washing etc. An engineer should know as how to operate this machinery effectively as water is a crucial fluid onboard. This machinery uses the principal of evaporation of water at lesser temperature if done so in low pressure […]