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cdc checker dg shipping

cdc checker dg shipping is a web-based tool that allows seafarers to verify their Indian Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) online. A CDC is a document that certifies the identity, nationality and seagoing service of a seafarer. It is issued by the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS), which is the regulatory authority for shipping in India.

cdc checker dg shipping-STEP BY STEP

Here is the step-by-step procedure to check CDC:

  1. Visit this official link provided Official Link
  2. After that you have to enter CDC number which starts like MUM… or KOL… Also enter your official date of birth.
  3. Press the View details button.
  4. All your details will be visible to you now and you can even print this by pressing the print button.

To use the CDC checker, seafarers need to enter their CDC number and date of birth on the website cdc checker dg shipping. The website will display the details of the CDC, such as its validity, endorsements, stickers and remarks. Seafarers can also download a PDF copy of their CDC from the website.

The CDC checker is useful for seafarers who want to check their CDC status, renew their CDC or apply for a new CDC. It is also helpful for employers, agents and authorities who want to verify the authenticity and eligibility of a seafarer’s CDC. The CDC checker is updated regularly by the DGS and reflects the latest information available in its database.

DG shipping is an abbreviation for Directorate General of Shipping, which is the government agency responsible for regulating and promoting maritime affairs in India. DG shipping oversees various aspects of shipping, such as safety, security, pollution prevention, maritime education and training, seafarers’ welfare, coastal shipping, tonnage measurement, certification and casualty investigation.

DG shipping has a website that provides various information and services related to shipping in India. The website has sections for shipping notices, seafarers, maritime training, e-governance, e-learning, exit exam, grievance redressal mechanism, COVID-19 dashboard, help desk and other useful links. The website also has online tools for checking various documents and certificates issued by DG shipping, such as CDC checker , COC checker , INDoS/COP checker , e-pass checker and COE checker . These tools help seafarers and other stakeholders to verify and access their records online.

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