IMU CET imu cet sample paper

IMU CET Sample Paper for English

Get to know about the IMU CET English Sample Paper. This is essential for all the students as this subject have a weight age of 25 questions that are asked in the format that are given below.

IMU CET English Sample Paper

                                                                       Question Nos. 01 to 10

Directions: In the following passage some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer to each question out of the four alternatives and fill in the blanks.

Squirrels are __(I)__ animals in the world. They have the __(II)__ for rainy days. Autumn can be very entertaining for them. That is the time __(III)__ the great harvest collection for their winter store. You can __(IV)__ here and there, collecting nuts of all sorts. Walnuts, beechnuts, chestnuts, dried berries….

They are not fussy. Relentlessly, they run from their storage point, usually a tree hollow, to the vast amount of wild nuts to be found in the forest.

These beautiful animals are house-proud. They take great pains to ensure that __(V)__ and warm enough to tide them over the harsh winter. You __(VI)__ busily collecting soft pieces of bark wood and leave to line their nests.

After all their __(VII)__, and when the first, cold hard frost arrives, they __(VIII)__ inside their nests for the duration/rest of the cold spell. There, __(IX)__ till it is warm enough to bring out their stored food. Ah but then again, they are the most forgetful little animals, and it is not unusual to see squirrels __(X)__their hoard.


  1. A) (I) the most resource B) (I) this most resourceful
  2. C) (I) the more resource D) (I) the most resourceful


  1. A) (II) knack of saved up   B) (II) knack of saving up
  2. C) (II) knack of saving on D) (II) knack of saving down


  1. A) (III) what they begin B) (III) when them begin
  2. C) (III) when their begin D) (III) when they begin


  1. A) (IV) seen them scampering      B) (IV) see their scampering
  2. C) (IV) seeing them scampered   D) (IV) see them scampering

imu cet sample paper


  1. A) (V) there nest is secure            B) (V) their nest is securing
  2. C) (V) they nest is secure             D) (V) their nest is secure


  1. A) (VI) is saw them                         B) (VI) will saw them
  2. C) (VI) will see them                     D) (VI) will seen them


  1. A) (VII) scavenged was done B) (VII) scavenging is doing
  2. C) (VII) scavenged is done D) (VII) scavenging is done



  1. A) (VIII) are seal themselves        B) (VIII) will seal themselves
  2. C) (VIII) will be seal themselves             D) (VIII) will sealing themselves


  1. A) (IX) them will hibernate B) (IX) they are hibernated
  2. C) (IX) they will hibernating D) (IX) they will hibernate
    IMU CET English Sample Paper


  1. A) (X) searching desperate for           B) (X) searched desperately for
  2. C) (X) searching desperately for     D) (X) search desperate at

Now we will see different kind of questions in this IMU CET sample paper for English.

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Question Nos. 11 to 14

Directions: Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word and mark it in the answer sheet.

11)  Repel

  1. A) coax                                            B) drag
  2. C) attract                             D) annoy

12)  Traitor

  1. A) migrant                            B) member
  2. C) officer                            D) patriot

13)  Detest

  1. A) injure                            B) withhold
  2. C) adore                            D)assist

14)  Ascend

  1. A) rise                                             B) descend
  2. C) soar                                        D) climb

Here are other questions of different in this imu cet sample paper for English.

Question Nos. 15 to 18

Directions: Four alternatives are given for the Idiom / Phrase underlined. Choose the alternatives which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom / Phrase and mark it in the answer sheet.

15)  Take the bull by the horns is

  1. A) to be sensitive               B) to face a difficulty courageously
  2. C) to win the battle               D)  to the helpful

16)  Sail in the same boat

  1. A) suspect something wrong B) suspect something uncanny
  2. C) be in a different situtation D) be in the same situtation.

17)  to be in a quandary

  1. A) to be in confusing situation  B) to be in an unenviable position
  2. C) to be on the alert         D) to be in a commanding position

18)  A false friend never hesitates to shed crocodile tears.

  1. A) to move from one place to another B) to pretend to be sympathetic
  1. C) to show false happiness D) to feel dissappointed

19)  Sail in the same boat

  1. A) suspect something wrong  B) suspect something uncanny
  2. C) be in a different situtation D) be in the same situtation.
Question nos. 19 and 20

Directions: Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/ sentences.

19)  A person who worships only one God

  1. A) Philogymist B) Theist
  2. C) Polytheist D) Monotheist

20)  The act of killing one’s own brother or sister.

A) Patricide                            B) Fratricide

C) Homicide                           D) Suicide

Now we have different questions in this imu cet sample paper for English.

Question nos. 21 to 25

Directions: identify the underlined word or words that must be changed to make the given sentence grammatically correct:

21)  This Indian Ambassador believes that quid pro quo is an quintessence of friendly relations between two nations.

  1. A) Ambassador B) that
  2. C) an D) relations

22) Alok Bhel, working with a Bangalore-based non-profit’s, is designing homes for slum dwellers.

  1. A) working                            B) non-profit’s
  2. C) homes D) slum dwellers

23)  The Indian team is leaving for Caribbeans island the following month to play a series against the home team.

  1. A) team                  B) Caribbeans island
  2. C) series               D) against

24) The integrity and the unity of India is non-negotiable and this is true of every country in the world.

  1. A) the unity          B) non-negotiable
  2. C) every    D) world

25) We can hire twenty people for this job at the pinch almost at the press of a button.

  1. A) hire                                          B) the pinch
  2. C) the press                                 D) button
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