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Seafarers Are Key Workers, Not Just Today, But Everyday

As the world dips itself in the celebrations of seafarer’s day or Day of the seafarers, thousand of mariners all over the globe are running ships to catch up with commercial schedule. I have not seen anything special on this day on ships, may be an extra cake or so. That is what life is at sea, you are on your toes every day. You can just stop the ship and go for a celebration. Shipping is never about this and seafarers know very well about it. Though 25th June is for seafarers, the so called ‘Key Workers’ is for them every day.

So IMO, the central governing body constantly trying to put pressure on various setups across the world for looking in to the matters related to crew change, they had to dedicate an yearly event for ‘Seafarers Are Key Workers’. Well for seafarers this just does not mean very much because they know it. But the idea is to spread the awareness among the rest of the world.

Something which is in light, matters a lot. Mariners profession is always the untold, less talked and primary hidden profession. There is a complete difference between cruise and commercial shipping. They are more visible. Because shipping is less visible, the awareness seems to lack a lot in the minds of other people.

Lastly, I would like to say, an efforts of single day should not be limited to this only. We need to keep spreading awareness among people. So that next time, there is no disaster like this time ‘of crew change’ around the world.

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