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DG Shipping Master Checker

dg shipping master checker, Merchant Navy Official Website

master checker of dg shipping is the place where you can see all the details related to you like COC, CDC and other important documents related to you.

DG Shipping Master Checker

DG shipping have a central data base where you can view all the information related to you. For instance your CDC, COC and Sea time etc. To view all this information, you need to first log in to the seafarers profile in e governance. Below is the link to do so:

DG Shipping Master Checker

Note: You need to access this link in Microsoft internet explorer versions not more than 9. Yes, this is something very bad about these links.

Also in master checker you can add more details like your courses that you might have done and etc. Passwords and log in details are generally your indos no. Well you cannot access all other modules of that profile as they are restricted

Dg Shipping Seafarer Profile Update

Lot of people keep on asking this. The reason why placement agents and dg shipping ask you to update these details is that when you go for any documentation, DG shipping have your all details. Also, this makes the system more flexible and standardize. Whenever you go to MMD for any kind of work, then they will ask a printout of the seafarers profile for sure.

Updating profile is very easy. You just have to visit this link and log in to the system. Sometimes the website becomes slow and you need to be little patient while doing so.

This was all from this article on two important questions. hope you enjoyed reading it. But if you have something to share with us, then please drop a message below. And we will try to give you the information that you need.


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