Tonight I Won’t Think About You-A Poem by Sailor Queen

This morning is just like any other,
I wake up and give our baby a bath,
Dressed up in his little giraffe onesie I find him endearing like any mother,
Smiling and laughing I am on my daily path.

The usual little things take up my day,
Armed with a mug of coffee in one hand and the baby in another,
I try and keep thoughts of you far away,
As I delve in daily duties further and further.

It doesn’t take long for the night to dawn,
The same stars that shine along your way shine upon me,
You’re away battling the mighty waves and I am battling the cries of a sleepy baby with a yawn.
We glance at your side of bed wistfully without any glee.

I was determined not to think about you tonight,
I won’t think about your infectious laugh,
the sound of your voice and your gleaming light,
wouldn’t tearfully look at your photograph.

But this night is just like any other,
the thought of you doesn’t leave my mind,
I hope you aren’t lonely and don’t suffer,
And know we will be waiting for you to be back when our stars are aligned.

-by Radhika Kharb

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