But Only A Sailor- A Poem By Sanndhya Pillai

But Only A Sailor

Speckling fishes swirling twirling elusive

Flying, a glimmer of mortality, inevitable, amateurish-amirage

flaps distorted the deck like the rime of the ancient mariner Is that a ghost ship?

Death and life in death

Tormented, distracted Love a lovesick ship

Kadalamma will understand After all she’s a mother

This senseless, bewitching, waves entrapped-working into a rage

‘Mother, when will father be home? Delightful prancing dancing dolphin Tales that fill the days

And the pot of gold at the rainbows end Brown, leathery, peppery salt on his lips.’

‘But you are a mother Kadalamma- forgiving exhausted with overwhelming love senseless, anxious my child awaits

Gifts from a fairyland afar

Eyes and ears only for her first love.’

Ayeee Aye Captain to the clarion call

Afloat yet barque a cuckold to the raging seas

Teetering, fledgling, strangled, sailing in troubled waters

Immersed, bespattered in the whining wind like a banshee at night

But yet faith a tremendous power- Shakti –the protector.

A resurgence, battered whopping excitement After the ash breeze, the flaring ominous horizon

Yet again the sailor elated, seagulls screeching at the Neptunes’ rite

You are the Kadalamma

In you I remain- with you I worship Till the days may end but never end.

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