Read Why Philippines Seamans Are Best In World

Philippines, which is a nation composed by group of several islands, is the hub for maritime workforce. A small country in the world, but the largest provider of maritime professionals all across the world. It is said that from every house in Philippines, there is a sailor always. So we thought of writing an article dedicated to the sailor from Philippines.

India, Philippines, China are among the biggest suppliers of maritime work force. It is sort of completion out there, whosoever performs netter will survive in the industry.

Philippines: Hub Of Maritime Workforce

Let’s see five reasons why Pilipino sailors are best in the world.

  • Jolly, Fun and Festive People

If you ever sailed with a Pilipino sailor, you know what it feels likes to be with them. Whenever you talk about party, music etc, they are always ready to give you company. Well exceptions are always there, but most of them are friendly in nature. Karaoke is their favorite, so you will see music all around them.

  • Skillful

Now Philippines have large base of maritime training center which trains quite skillful workforce. This one is really important because you need to have people trained properly before sending them to sea. All of them are there for work and skill is what matters a lot. It also makes sure that fresh talent is getting proper education and experience, trained by the already working force.

  • English Language

A large part of population understands and speaks English. Since this is the international language, communication gap is not there when you are working with them. It is quite necessary as people from different countries come together and works at sea. If your counterpart from other country have a good command over the widely spoken language English, then it is quite easy to work.

  • Adaptability

This is one of the important qualities a seaman should have. It is quite different environment and conditions out there. Plus you need to adapt as per the different nationalities. Sailors from Pilipino are considered good when it comes to adaption to above conditions. It is same like fitting into the space, without any clashes. One who adapts better will succeed as this industry does not wait for anybody.

  • Hard Working

Working at sea requires lot of hard work. From extreme weather conditions to untimely arrivals and departure, you are always on the toe. Working at sea has its own perks and benefits but you need to be always ready for work at sea. No matter at what position you are working, at sea, everybody have some job today-day and night.

This was all from our side. Do you think we have missed something? If yes why not tell us in comments. We are happy to read these.

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2 thoughts on “Read Why Philippines Seamans Are Best In World

  • October 4, 2016 at 7:06 am

    There are very affraid n kiss ass to the company

  • October 26, 2017 at 5:03 am

    in addition, the attitude of the filipino seafarers when onboard is unsurpassed by any nationalty in terms of respect to superior, obedience to command, can do task without supervision, meekness, doing jobs with good engineering practice and logical approach in solving problems and also with character of responsibility and accountability. This are the reason why the Japanese, Germans, norwegians Greeks ship owners like pilipino seafarers to man their vessels as this i observed during my seaman’s life days.


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