Sailor Story: Yes I Love You Too, But………..

This Story is continuation of the previous story: Here you can read the previous part : Those 24 days of February I Cannot Forget

Anay was already departed from Mumbai for ship. Through out all his journey we were connected through Skype and what’s app. At this stage both of us were aware about the arising love between us. Before he would climb up for ship we were talking on call due to weak network we both were not able to communicate easily. But till the end we both were pushing ourselves to talk. Topic started with the general topic and we were in the middle of the most important topic. where I already confess to him that I love him!

Yes I Love You Too, But………..

After the first kiss I thought I would never meet him again. The morning of  his leaving I was busy doing my routines. While doing it I got call. it was Anay finally! He has habit of calling me at last moment and ask me to meet… And that day he called and again he asked me to get ready stating that I am going temple and I want you to come with me. So without any question I got ready as I read his voice he was low. I recognize his voice and I understood that something has went wrong. I was wondering what had happened exactly which has made him to call me on last moment! without any second thought I got ready and then he picked me up and we went to Siddhivinayak temple. I wore green and white kurta with some silver embroidery design and I put ‘Tikli’ and wore my long traditional earings. As Anay really loves me in traditional wear and I always like to make him smile.
When he came to pick me up he just looked at me from toe to head and he was surprised with my attire! Well if tomboyish girl wear something like this more often then that definitely going to  make anyone shock…. !
After our visit to temple we went to meet Sayali. The person who stands top most in my life! She is not just my best friend but she is someone who understand me in and out. I am really lucky to have her. And of course my best friend was also close to Anay by the time. And then he drop me and left for airport.
That evening I couldn’t stop thinking about him. My mind was rolling films of all memories. His laugh, his eyes, his stupid action’s , his jokes every single thing was coming in front of my eyes. First in my lifetime my brain was working so perfectly that he was showing me the replica of him in in front of me which was making me more uncomfortable about his leaving. But then I made my mind and hold my feelings and emotions. I stood up with decision that never matter what I am never ever going to reveal my feelings to him.

But reality happens! You cannot act like a greatest lovers in real-time. You feel you can suppress your feelings and be the person who sacrifices for love. But my dear friend your wrong ! It’s totally not easy to do it. Trust me it’s difficult to hide the feelings of love and still smile at person and never made them realize it.
But then yes at the end of the day I m human being… I lost my control and I told him.
Me : Anay I have to tell you something..

Anay : yes I know what you want to say but before you say it I want you to know all the facts.

Me : I knew it already from day first! You always told me the life of sailor’s and I am well aware about it. I don’t care what others think I want you to tell me what is going on in your mind.

Anay : I have been thinking about it only. That some point this things are going to happen but I don’t want to loose you. Your best person and great company I have ever found!

Me : I love you.! I don’t know ,when how and why! I know it’s not too much but I do I can’t keep that too long in my heart.

Anay: ” I love you too…. But……”

And after that big pause our phone got disconnected and my eyes full of tears. Again this idiot has left me in the middle of riddle which is unpredictable!

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