10 Amazing Sailor Tattoos That you Should Try

During the last decade, number of people getting tattoo has increased at an exceptional rate. Sailors are no exception in that. In fact, traditional of getting tattoo among the sailors is quite old. So in this post we are bringing you the 10 Amazing sailor tattoos that you should get.

10 Amazing Sailor Tattoos

 Here are some of them:
First This is the most simple one. So, if you don’t want to cover the whole body, this is the one you should get.
Sailor Tattoos
Sailor Tattoo
Third One
A true one, which is depicting the sailor compass. This is a cool among the sailor tattoos. You can try different colors in this. Mix of two-three colors will be really good.
Sailor Tattoo
This is a tattoo with a message. I refuse to sink. Well you can get a smaller version of this too.
Sailor Tattoo
Number Five
This is really good, if you want to cover your whole arm. The different colors give a unique look to this tattoo. You can even try this at your back side as well.
Sailor Tattoos
This is the simple version of the above one.
Sailor Tattoo
A arrow and compass combination. Looks good in the elbow region. Black color is good.
Sailor Tattoo
Another good one for the leg. A full sail ship. It is a combinaton of various colors. This looks very good at the back of your leg. You can go for different colors in this. Keep the hairs away as it will spoil the look.
Sailor Tattoo
Number Nine
This one with pink color, it inclined more towards the women. So, if you want your love to get a tattoo, then this is the ideal choice.
Sailor Tattoo
This one is ideal for the leg, if you are planning to have one there.
Sailor Tattoo
Image Credits: Of the respective owners and Google Images.
Hope you enjoyed reading this.

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