Benefits to seafarers from Maritime Labour Convention 2013

Maritime Labour Convention 2006 in simple words we would say that ‘It is an act for the seafarers’. An MLC convention concept started in the year 2006 keeping an eye on the seafarers and their overall working condition on board ship. Around 1.2 million seafarers are directly and indirectly related to the maritime sector and these numbers sought after the need of dedicated and single approach law or you can say an act for them. When the concept of MLC act started back in 2006 , the problem was to make people understand, what is this all about and what benefit seafarers will get from this act. This act has been made by the international labour organization. 

Maritime Labour Convention act 2013

Earlier we do not have a single and a dedicated act for seafarers. And seafarers being the backbone of this industry needed a single law or act for them. We have acted for pollution like Marpol but not a single act for the well being of the seafarers. But now this wait is over and MLC set to be implemented in 2013. Journey to this point have been very difficult and the reason for this is that, for any act to be Implemented successfully it needs approval from that many countries so that their share in world tonnage should be more than 33%. But now around 60 countries are supporting this act and India is also among. Many countries have really worked in its implementation. For example Liberia, one of the strongest supporters of the MLC has done a really good job in putting up things for implementation of MLC. Sometimes, MLC is also called as marine labour convention act

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maritime labour convention certificate is issued to the ship, after successful survey.

What benefits do seafarers get from Maritime Labor Convention act 2013

This is the most important part in this convention because this act has been made for the seafarers. There are several points and amendments which are given by the society involved in the MLC convention ratification. Let’s see what we have here.
1) Only 14 hours working in 24 hours and maximum 72 hours working in 7 days. This is keeping an eye on the working conditions of seafarers. But if emergency on ship occurs, then a seafarer may have to work continuously for 24 hours or more than that.

2) Leave entitlement. Earlier leave procedure in some companies were not that good and a need of proper leave procedure was needed. The minimum amount of leaves should be kept by company for every seafarer.

3) A concession to the seafarers in case of any injury, medical ailments etc. Whole expenses will be paid by by the companies in case of any medical emergency occurred to seafarers.

4) Decent on board working conditions for seafarers. Housekeeping should be so good that seafarers do not feel uncomfortable while at ship.

5) Proper wage procedure and on the basis of contract. Timely payments of wages in every shipping company to the seafarers.

6) On board complaints procedure. In any case if a seafarer feels that something is going bad on ship and whole ship could be in danger due to this activity, then he can directly complain to the company.

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